K21 Staff







               Jennifer Stewart, Rich Haddad, Holly Swoverland

Executive Assistant & Communications Coordinator

K21 Health Foundation
Jennifer Stewart - Marketing & Community Coordinator - Contact Me

Jennifer is the primary initial contact for most people getting in touch with K21. Her tasks are numerous and involve bookkeeping and financial reporting work, website management and other marketing of K21, correspondence, and scheduling. Her role has much variety to it, as someone who assists in most areas to help accomplish all the needs of a small office. As a long-time resident of Kosciusko County, Jennifer graduated from Warsaw Community High School and is a graduate of Grace College with a double major in Business Administration and Psychology.

Grant Coordinator

K21 Health Foundation
Holly Swoverland - Grant Coordinator - Contact Me

Holly has been with K21 since the very beginning, in 1999. Her initial role as Administrative Assistant has grown as the foundation’s needs have grown, and with her completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Grace College, Holly is now primarily responsible for the Grantmaking process and relationships. Once the Board has approved a grant award, Holly will lead the receiving organization through the setup and management of that grant relationship to its conclusion. The opportunity to help throughout the process and provide good evaluation results back to both the organization and the K21 Board is a key focus for Holly. Holly is originally from the Muncie area, but has been a resident of Kosciusko County since 1995.

President & CEO

K21 Health Foundation
Rich Haddad - President & CEO - Contact Me

Rich oversees all aspects of K21’s operations and reports directly to the Board of Directors. He is responsible for all financial reporting to the Board and working directly with independent accountants on auditing and tax issues. Rich also has a background in investment and financial planning, which helps in his responsibilities of overseeing the outside investment relationships hired to invest the foundation’s funds prudently, both day to day, and with the Investment and Finance Committee of the Board. Finally, he is the primary person to interact with community leaders and organizations in discovering and pursuing ways that K21’s funds can be best granted into the community. Rich is a graduate of Grace College in Business and Accounting, and after several years in Indianapolis, moved back to Kosciusko County in 1992.