Welcome to the K21 Health Foundation

Improving the health and wellness for the citizens of Kosciusko County is what drives the purpose and priorities of K21 Health Foundation. In making each and every decision, we ask ourselves how our mission will best be served. We have a dedicated board of 17 community leaders overseeing the endowment and grant decisions of this foundation along with a committed staff to drive the direction and actions by which we serve our county residents.

Since beginning in 1999, more than $40 million in funds for community investment and needs have been approved for the residents of Kosciusko County, and we've only just begun! Our growing involvement in community leader forums and meetings will help us better understand the issues and opportunities K21 can be part of. Partnering and collaborating with other organizations will be an opportunity to make an even bigger impact.

We look at grants as investments in our community with hope that each approval will positively affect our residents. The uncertain future of both our economy and the investment markets does not deter us from this commitment. We will simply continue to look and consider where the best impact for the health of our residents can happen. Through this challenging future we will stay committed to making a difference in assisting the many wonderful not-for-profit organizations to further our mission of improving health and wellness in Kosciusko County.


Scott Tucker

K21 Board Chairman